"Eternalizing Ideas"
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...Eternalizing Ideas

Designed with focus on promoting authors and ideas within a global vision, “Editora Morro Branco” is a publishing house that values the quality of its titles and the creation of new readers. Aiming to spread different perspectives, the Publishing House engages in the dissemination of new concepts and the promotion of an effective cultural exchange.

At “Morro Branco”, we celebrate all cultures, with a main mission to establish new literary experiences, always grounded on our ideals and the quality of our work.

The partners of “Editora Morro Branco” are also the controlling shareholders of “Núcleo Holding”, which brings together engineering companies such as “Núcleo Engenharia Consultiva S.A.”, one of the largest companies in its sector, and now continuing its trajectory of excellence and dedication in a new field.

Investing in both newcomers and experienced authors as well as the translation of global works, we work towards the development of a diversified catalog, not constrained by specific genres, but with emphasis on literary works that share the culture of this Publishing House.